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Upcoming Events

Check out all of our Featured Upcoming Events!
If you are interested in our Wellness In The Workplace Workshop, please email us for rates and details!


Monthly Book Club (Online Discussions)

Over in The Garden, we have our monthly book club! Our Book Club is FILLED with transformational and life changing conversations! And it's not too late to join us, this space and book club is for every woman of every age, occupation, and if you're wanting to deepen your walk with God (or get to know Him)! 

JUNE Read= Girl Wash Your Face


Ditch & Switch: An Online Class

Every Wednesday evening we are hosting an online class, from the comfort of your own home, on all things how to Ditch & Switch from all those toxic chemicals in your cabinets that are filled with carcinogens, neurotoxins, and endocrine disruptors and SWITCHING to a toxic-free home that’s also safe for the kids and pets! Come join us to learn how to create your holistic, toxic-free home AND a special opportunity!


Wellness In The Workplace

Are you an employer or even employee looking to create a healthy environment in your workplace? Are you wanting your employees/coworkers to be safe and healthy while enjoying their jobs? Contact us today for details on our Wellness In The Workplace Seminar. Our Founder, Kailee Holbert- Holistic Lifestylist, teaches how to create wellness and happiness in each life as well as the environment as a whole inside your workplace.


Join The Team!

Are you ready to finally get rid of all those toxic, harsh chemicals in your home and life? Right on down to your personal care, cleaning supplies, supplements, and more?
Are you ready to join a rapidly expanding, LOVING team here to help YOU grow as a leader?
Are you a mom or a dad that wants to finally be at peace that you children are safe with the products you use to even clean?
Are you ready to even earn a little extra money AND free products?
”Apply” TODAY so we can chat and get you enrolled on the Healthy Soul 360 Team!!

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Latest On The Blog

Check out the latest conversations on our Blog! Chatting all things life, you’ll read conversations from our Founder as well as our talented team of Writers!


Your Garden of Holistic Living

A FREE Community for all things life!

Your Garden of Holistic Living is a tribe of women, of sisters, coming together from all around the world. This tribe is a safe, sacred space for women to heal through steadfast faith, to fall in love with their bodies through holistic wellness and movement, and to love every aspect of their lives. And it’s FREE!



Courses, Apparel, & Some of Our Favorite Products!

Rock our Healthy Soul 360 sports wear.

Learn and read from the comfort of your own home with our e-books and e-courses!

Shop our favorite planners and CBD oil!


Walk With God

Whether you are new to living a life of God’s Will or ready to deepen your relationship with Him, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll meet you where you are and help you to get to know God on such a beautiful, intimate level. He loves all of His Children and we’re blessed to start your journey with us. Below, you will find all the resources you crave and desire in having a relationship with God.

“For the battle is not yours, but God’s.” ~2 Chronicles 20:15


Aromatherapy & Oils

Essential Oils are a holistic and vital part of our day to day lives. Aromatherapy and essential oils can help promote relaxation, relieve headaches, increase clarity, and so much more! Essential oils have helped us cut out pharmaceuticals and toxic cleaning products from our lives and homes, which create a healthy and safe environment for our families!