Live With Intention Day 2: Intentional Wellness

When it comes to living a healthy life, we focus on "I have to lose x amount of weight", "I have to look like that Instagram model in that bikini", "I have to be on this new fad diet and exercise x amount of hours per day", and "cut my calories down to 500 per day" in order to look good, look healthy, etc.

Hands up if you ever had those thoughts or done those things. It makes you feel drained and sluggish, and just overall not good.

Have you ever wondered why you feel like this and why nothing ever works?

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5 Things to Do When You Are Adopting Your First Dog or Cat

Think you’re ready for your first pet? Well, there’s more to caring for a pet than nose boops and wiggly tails (although those are definite perks). To truly prepare yourself to care for your new pet, you need to keep these important points in mind.

There’s no question that pets can be a perfect way to improve your life. However, being a responsible pet parent means making sure their life is improved as well. So, make sure you are ready for your new pet’s arrival, and make sure you have all that you need to keep your pet protected, comfortable, and healthy.

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A Natural Approach to Spring Allergies

The approach of spring brings sunny days, uplifted moods, beautiful flowers and the dreaded spring allergy season.  Seasonal allergies due to pollen, trees, grasses, and weeds can wreak havoc on our immune system.  Not to mention all the dust we stir up when we begin our spring cleaning! Many people take allergy medication all year round and it works well to quell those symptoms caused by allergies. However, some people cannot take these medications because they have a reaction to them, or they prefer a more natural approach to the allergy season.

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Surviving (and Thriving) Moving Across the World As An Introvert With Anxiety

As I went through this process, I started to ponder and reflect on my own life. The sudden and unexpected loss of my mother had me questioning everything I knew. Was I living the life I wanted to lead? Or was I just doing what was expected of me? I feared that it was the latter.

It took a long time to come to this realization but a year or so later it became clear. I wanted more. I wanted to do something different. And different it sure was.

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Live With Intention: A 5 Day Mini Series

Intention is something that we constantly can struggle with. Whether intentional living or intentional eating, sometimes we do things spontaneously instead of purposefully.

In this FREE 5 day series, you’ll receive an email straight to your inbox of how to intentionally live with food, life, prayer, and healing. Each day is loaded with intentional information to guide you in welcoming purpose into your life.

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Why Living a Sustainable Life is More Important Now than Ever, & Steps on How to Do Your Part!

As a species, we have been extremely focused on our progression towards a more ideal state, and our progression alone. For a long time, humanity has not considered the consequences of our actions on a planetary scale. As a result, the damage caused to our planet and its natural systems has been piling up for centuries.

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When it feels like the world is against you

First things first. I want to tell you and remind you that absolutely nothing and no one is against you. This is God and the Universe challenging you to step up to the plate to get out of your comfort zone. Everything is happening for a reason, I always believe it's for your highest good even amidst the chaotic moments. He is pushing you to do the things you've never done in order to get to where you and He want you to be. So my first question for you is are you ready?

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6 Hacks to Waking Up Early

TGIF! Friday is finally here!

Who struggles with waking up early and setting a morning routine? Do you also feel sluggish no matter what?

Are you like me and press snooze until you have no other choice but to get up and rush to get ready? Are you like me and just dont look forward to the mornings?

Here’s some simple hacks to help you wake up early with a pep in your step!

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