To The Girl Who Feels Alone

Hey there darling Sister, Brother, Child of God ♡

I know life feels like its falling apart.

You're feeling alone.

You're feeling unwelcomed.

You're feeling unseen. 

You're feeling unheard. 

The weight of the world is crushing you. 

Expectations others place on you is defeating you. 

God, where are you? 

"How can there be so much pain and sadness? How can I continue to press on with hope when I'm so alone? How, God, how?"

It feels like no one understands.

It feels like you're all alone, life filling with so much sadness, pain, anger, and hurt. Nothing can go right, everything is falling apart - relationships, finances, health, life, etc.

Yet you continue to smile, press on, and say that you're ok. 

Sweet darling Sister, I feel your pain. I know  what you are going through. 

You don't want to burden you friends and family members with what you're going through. 

I hear you loud and clear, Sister. You're struggling.  

I know because I have been where you are. 

Some of you reading this may be close friends or family of mine who may be thinking that I am not okay, yet I think to some extent we all have the tendency to hide our sadness well. To my friends and family reading this, I am okay. To those of you reading this IS you, I'm here for you and I am praying for you. 

Right in this very moment, I want to remind you that you are NEVER alone. 

Your friends and family love you.  

I love you. 

God and Jesus love you.  

When you feel like you're alone, I pray you can look up to The One who created you.

I pray you can understand that Jesus is carrying you.

I pray that you can not only see the light in this darkness, but realize that YOU are the light in this darkness.  

I pray you can know that this season in your life will not last forever.  

YOU are a Conqueror.  

YOU are a Child of The Most High Father. 

YOU are a Warrior. 

Yes, you may be struggling with your health, with your relationships, with your finances, with your faith, with your life. But these struggles DO NOT define you. 

Today, I encourage you to reach out to a friend or family member and ask them to pray for you. Simply get on the phone with them, ask to meet up to grab some tea (or coffee), and just be in their presence if they make you feel loved no matter what. 

Today, I encourage you to honor where you're at in this moment. Feel the emotions, but then let's work through them. Why do you feel the way you're feeling? How do you want to feel? What will you do to feel the way you want to feel? Write these down. Give yourself a break, allow yourself to rest, Child.  

Today, I encourage you to pray, to take time to fully sit with God, to listen to His gentle Voice, and to allow Him to heal you.  

I love YOU, Child of God. You are NEVER alone.  

God Bless,