Money Saving Tips for the Savvy Woman on a Budget

OK, so if you love to shop and are on a budget, you'll LOVE this!! 

Today, I'm sharing my greatest tips and tricks on how to be a savvy woman! 

I love shopping, I’ll admit. I also love to save money when I can. I sometimes (ok, most times) go for the clearance rack at Target or Kohl's, or even at New York & Company. 

Well, shopping online has become a favorable thing to do, especially in society today. Why? Because it's easy in our busy lives. We have the world at the tips of our fingertips by our smart phones, laptops, and tablets. But with the thought of wanting “more”, comes the truth of spending “more”. More money, more time, more material items, the list goes on.

However, you’re also wanting to save money and become a savvy woman who has her finances under control. So today’s tips and tricks are some creative and practical ways to earn and save some extra money EASILY!

1. Amazon

The savings are amazing PLUS there's so many options instead of running those errands to buying from an actual store. 

2. Swagbucks

Literally the easiest way to get money when you have some down time! You can answer polls, buy things and get rewarded for it.

3. Honey 

I think I may have found my new favorite way to save money! At checkout online, Honey will scan and apply any coupon codes that will help you save money! It's super easy!

4. &

It's super easy and free to use! Every time I go into Walmart to buy hair care products and even food, I'll clip and print out some coupons and my grocery bill gets cheaper.


This is a simple app that you download on your phone using the link above and when you activate your credit card that you use most frequently, you’ll automatically receive $5! Then this app gives you local restaurants, stores, and gas stations that will give you extra cash back when you use that card at those places!

6. Limit your Starbucks or coffee shop trips. 

Ok you can treat yourself to 1-2 lattes a week, but getting them daily costs you, big time in the long run. If you limit yourself, you could be saving at least $25 per week! And that’s extra money you could be putting towards your bills or in your savings.

7. Eat in & bring your lunch, snacks, & drinks to work. 

Going out to dinner or even fast food places (if you're into that) ALL THE TIME can be expensive. Go to the grocery store and make your meals at home. It saves a lot of money in the long run. Even bringing food from home to work will save hundreds of dollars a month! Going out once in a while won't break the bank.

8. Put a certain percentage of your pay check into your savings account.

Putting a certain amount of your weekly/bi-weekly paycheck into your savings account will slowly in time build up. The key though is to not touch it unless you truly have to. It'll help in unexpected and emergency expenses, it'll help you buy that dream house or dream car, it'll give you freedom.

9. Know that money is always in surplus to you.

Not freaking out about money so much allows even more money to flow back to you. Know that the Universe is always supporting you financially! I’ve been on the side where I believed that money would run out which stressed me out even more and I would notice that I’d struggle with finances even more. Then I’ve been on the side where I believed that money was in surplus which allowed me to not be so stressed and I would notice that my finances were abundantly taken care of. The choice is yours on what you truly believe in!

Let me know what money saving tips and hacks you have! I'd love to hear in the comments below!