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10 Ways to Welcome Spring with Your Kids

In no time spring will arrive, there will be buds on the trees and flowers will start blooming.  Your kids no doubt will have spent most of their time indoors during the winter months.  Can anyone say cabin fever? Spring is the time of the year that we can wipe all the sicknesses we got of the furniture, vacuum up all the salt and dirt we brought in from the snowstorms and lighten up all those heavy coats that we drag into our cars and back out again.  Most of all it is a time for rebirth, renewal and time for some outdoor fun!

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Welcome to Healthy Soul 360

Healthy Soul 360 was created in July 2014. Healthy Soul 360 is a community for women who want a healthy lifestyle through food, faith, & fitness. I focus on creating a holistic lifestyle through wellness and happiness. We’re combining the everyday lifestyle needs into one. It’s the friendships that you build with others around the world, the people who you meet, and people who are on the same journey of wanting to live life to their fullest and healthiest capabilities!

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