Energizer Bunny Smoothie

Ever feel like coffee isn't enough to get you ready to take on the day?

Even that extra large macchiato with a double shot of espresso isn't enough.

Maybe you dont like that 2 o'clock crash so you resort to more coffee. 

Have you checked in with your body?

Here’s one of my favorite smoothies that will leave you feel energized, confident, and healthy!

I call it the…

Energizer Bunny Smoothie Recipe 😍

- 1 organic Banana (manganese for skin health, potassium for heart health, aids in digestion health, helps lower blood pressure, and aids in extra energy)

- 1 handful of organic Blueberries (for some extra antioxidants, reduce DNA damage to protect against aging & cancer, protects good cholesterol in your blood, helps lower blood pressure)

- 1 spoonful of organic Cacao Powder (contains antioxidants, vitamins, & magnesium, detoxes liver, helps prevent aging, helps lower blood pressure, alleviates stress, helps reduce PMS symptoms, and improves heart function)

- 1/2 spoonful of organic Maca Powder (reduce sun damage, fights free radicals, alleviates stress, increases energy & endurance, reduce blood pressure, and increases fertility)

- Dash of Turmeric (improves brain function, increases antioxidant levels, anti-inflammatory, and contains bioactive compounds)

- Fill with organic Almond Milk/plant milk of your choice (contains healthy fats, vitamins, fiber & iron)

+ Blend it until smooth and enjoy!

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