Good Morning Prayer

Good morning everyone!!!

Who is ready for an amazing Saturday?!

Wake up, skip the coffee and drink a full glass of water with a cup of tea instead! Open the curtains, stretch, and BREATHE!!!

Today is filled with fun and conversation in the Wholeful Soul Sisters community so be sure to come hang out, and I also encourage you to go do something fun that'll fill you with energy!

I pray God protects you today and every day, I pray God speaks to you, I pray He works inside of you healing you and convicting your heart.

I pray your day is filled with love, light, joy, peace, hope, passion, compassion, kindness, blessings and most importantly Him.

May you be filled with His everlasting, steadfast, faithful, fierce LOVE!! May you feel His strong embrace and may you choose to put on the full Armor of God!!