Do You Believe or Do You Know?

Today is Palm Sunday.

Today begins a week of celebration. 

Why are we celebrating? 

We are celebrating Jesus and the price He paid on The Cross. 

You may be thinking, "Well Kailee, how is that a celebration if He died? That's nothing to celebrate about?" 

Oh but Sister, this IS a time of celebration BECAUSE we are saved.  

Jesus died on The Cross and paid the ultimate price through the ultimate sacrifice.  

Jesus died on The Cross, defeated the ultimate battle of death, and ROSE from the tomb and Hell to sit at the right hand of The Father IN Heaven. 

Jesus died to SAVE us. He died knowing that all humans then and now we're going to be saved from their sins.  When we die, we will get to sit next to God, too! 

I don't know about you, but I think that is incredibly powerful. We as human beings are not put on this planet to judge other people, that is God's job to judge us when that day comes.  But rather we are here to love one another and to bring as many people as we can to Heaven.

This morning at Bible Study that occurs before the church service at my church, we had the opportunity to discuss the differences between believing and knowing.  

And here's what I said... 

Many walks of faith simply believe in The Bible. Many people call themselves as religious, which to me, is just the belief that God exists. 

"Belief" is not the true knowledge that something exists. Just like how a child believes in Santa Clause. Believing isn't enough.

"Knowing" is having such a strong faith that is grounded in our trust in The Bible, in God, in Jesus and what His death means, and in The Holy Spirit. And "trust" is a key word here. 

Faith, to me,  is walking beside God, in TRUSTING that He will always provide, and being fully grounded in this knowledge that God exists, that Jesus exists, that The Holy Spirit is alive, and that The Bible is the ultimate truth. 

Because I KNOW and TRUST and have full FAITH in God, Jesus, The Bible, and The Holy Spirit, that is why I call myself Spiritual and NOT religious.  

I don't just "believe", but rather I KNOW! 

So my question for you, do you simply just believe OR do you faithfully know? 

Let me know your thoughts below! 

Blessing for a wonderful week ahead! 

Xo, Kailee



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