Live With Intention: A 5 Day Mini Series

Intention is something that we constantly can struggle with. Whether intentional living or intentional eating, sometimes we do things spontaneously instead of purposefully.

Sometimes we also try our best, but people are never pleased with our effort or actions. It’s stressful. And all you want to do is just find the joy and peace amidst that stress and chaos.

We set an intention that may be a desire that we want, but it doesn’t revolve around what God wants for us. By setting the intention that God is part of every decision and action we make, we cannot be led wrong. Why? Because God is always working in our favor. If it is for God and from God, it will be for us.

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Here’s what’s included!

Day 1- Finding Joy through the Chaos

Day 2- Intentional Wellness

Day 3- Intentional Living

Day 4- Intentional Prayer & Healing

Day 5- Life On Purpose

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We were created on purpose and your have a purpose. We were created to live life on purpose, not just go through the steps of how other people want us to live. Now it’s time to step into that fully and completely and to take care of your mind, body, & spirit!

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Xo, Kailee