Live With Intention Day 4: Intentional Prayer

Prayer is powerful.

If you've never experience the true power of prayer, let me tell you it's beautiful.

When I sit in prayer, I feel this energy surging through my body and I know the Holy Spirit is with me, listening to me, talking to me, and healing me.

Of course we start off our prayers by "Dear God". But is it superficial? Or are we feeling it with every cell in our body?

When we ask God to hear us, I want you to really say it and really mean it and really feel it.

FEEL God with you.

FEEL Him listening to you.

FEEL Him talking to you.

FEEL Him healing you.

FEEL Him working in your life.

Intention is so important.

When I'm preparing to give or receive a Reiki healing session, I set my intentions. I have been taught to set the intention that myself or my "patient" will be healed in His Name. I invite the Holy Spirit and God in. When I set that intention, I KNOW that God and The Spirit is with the person and myself.

And I've seen Intentional Prayer in action. 

I've experienced it personally with praying for family members and other people, I've experienced it in watching my friends continuously be blessed by His faithful grace, I've experienced it it my own personal healing, and I've experienced it in other situations that many call it 'manifesting'. 

God wants to work in your life fully. He wants to show you all the blessings He has in store for you. And it's difficult to receive it all if we are being superficial about our prayer and time with Him. 

Set your intention before you start praying, meditating, or ask for healing. FEEL and KNOW that God is with you during this time and always.

God Bless