Live With Intention Day 5: Life On Purpose

So during the last week, we learned how important setting our intention is and we also worked on being more aware in setting our intention. Well, Day 5 is a little different!

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A 6 Week Journey in Creating a Purposeful Life

You're tired of feeling sluggish every single day.

You're tired of feeling drained.

You want to lose weight (or even gain weight).

You feel like you lack any sort of ambition.

But you're stuck.

You may not even know where to begin. 

You want to feel energized and you want to be filling your body with good food, good faith, and good fitness. 

Darling, let's change those self-sabotaging feelings! 

During the next 6 weeks, together we'll do a heart check, we'll pull some weeds, and we'll plant some new seeds for you to tend to. You'll check in with your body and with God to see what's holding you back. Sometimes it can even be that you're not staying connected and we need to get you back on the right path. We'll pull out the weeds of old habits, bad habits, and habits that simply no longer serve your wellbeing. Then we'll plant new seeds of new habits, of new thoughts, and of refreshing wellness! You'll tend to your garden and learn how to continue growing your garden of life to allow it to flourish! 

Mind, body, soul! 

We'll get to the very hard-core, nitty gritty reasons of what's blocking you from living with purpose, from feeling like you matter, from feeling healthy and from losing weight. We'll all be in this together, we'll check in daily and support our soul sisters, and you'll learn to love your body & life! Through my holistic approach, we'll be inviting in holistic & organic foods, faith with God, gentle movement & getting rid of all toxicity in your life. I believe that loving your body includes being gentle on your body from the foods you put into your body, to the beauty products you use, and to the daily workouts you do.

Let's do this!

Are you ready to:
~ Pull out the weeds of old habits?
~ Plant new seeds of new, healthy habits?
~ Be healthy with God present?
~ Live in simplicity? 
~ Tend to you garden of life?
~ Live fearlessly?
~ Embrace your purpose?
~ Be a Woman of God & a Woman of Grace?
~ Live mindfully? 
~ Live in & with purpose?

Who is this for?
~ The lady who wants to get healthy
~ The lady who wants to feel whole
~ The lady who wants to feel strong
~ The lady who wants to feel empowered & sexy
~ The lady who wants to know purpose
~ The lady who wants understanding
~ The woman who wants God
~ The woman who wants freedom

What’s Included?
~ 6 weeks LIVE group program
~ Exclusive group community
~ Unlimited support via myself and your soul sisters
~ Daily check-ins
~ Weekly trainings & journaling/homework prompts
~ Follow up video “lesson” sessions!
~ New lessons & associating workbooks into your hands every week
~ Workbooks are digital downloads, you can also print them out to have physical copies

Results may include, but not limited to:
~ An increase in happiness
~An increase in peace
~ An increase in energy
~ Finding your purpose
~Stepping fulling into your Divine purpose
~ Accomplishing your wellness goals
~ Falling in love with your life, every aspect of it!


Week 1- Whole life inventory
In order to live in purpose, we must have a crystal clear image of where we are in this moment. How do you currently feel? How do you want to feel?

Week 2- Forgive the past
This week is where we are going to go deep and forgive the past, forgive anyone who has brought you sadness, anger, and pain, and to forgive yourself.

Week 3- Walk with God
This week, we will go deep in prayer. We will invite the Holy Spirit into our lives and allow true healing to guide us. We will open up our lives to what and where God wants us, to fully trust Him.

Week 4- Tend to your garden
This week we will be focusing on food and how to incorporate gentle movement into your every day life. We will be saying goodbye to processed, unhealthy foods and saying hello to organic, fresh, farm and home grown foods.

Week 5- Letting Go Of ALL Toxicity
This week we will talk about how every sort of toxicity damages your wellbeing and how we can fix this. We will be removing all of those toxic things and even recognizing who the toxic people are in our life with the encouragement to cut cords no matter who that person is.

Week 6- Embrace it all!
This last week is where we are going to fully embrace your purpose, the Holy Spirit, and begin to witness God’s purpose unfold in your life!

I’ll see you inside!