His Love Never Gives Up

Meet Danielle!

Danielle is a beautiful soul that has been through a lot since her early teenage years. She’s speaking up and ready to share her story. Because maybe you’ll find such a powerful message in her journey through life. God never gives up on you just because of your past, He will continue to bless you and help you grow as the person He calls us to be.

Here’s her Story!


My name is Danielle, I grew up in a small town in Upstate New York but am currently living in Tucson, AZ.

Growing up I went to church and believed in God but did not understand or hear about His gift of salvation.

I had some rough points as a kid that I didn’t realize until a traumatic event happened when I was 14. It was a rough year. My Grandfather passed away, my dog passed away and I was getting ready to go into high school. These were the first real experiences of death for me. I clung close to my family because of it.

On Memorial Day, we had a BBQ at my grandparents house. I was having a great time with family and my cousin decided to come over to my house after to chill. He ended up molesting me that night and sexually harassing me. He was this first guy to ever see my upper body and he was the first guy I saw. It really messed with me that someone so close to me who I trusted could betray me and hurt me so bad.

After this event I had flashbacks of when I was younger, my babysitters daughter would molest me as well while playing house.

I buried those memories deep in my mind because at the time I didn’t know what it meant, it just felt wrong. That year I struggled with thoughts of suicide badly and was very close to attempting. I went on a trip away from my family and it refreshed me a little bit.

Jump to a year later and I ended up dating a boy at my school. He invited me to his youth group and we eventually went to church. Going back to church really helped because it gave me hope and I made new friends. My cousin was now going to my school and was also friends with my boyfriend. It was tough but I kept trying to move forward.

Our youth group went to a week long summer camp where they taught us more about the love of Christ. They put on a drama one evening and it struck my heart chords. A boy in the play went through what I went through and wanted to kill himself, but Jesus saved Him and slowly took the pain away.

Right then and there I knew I needed Jesus to save me. I accepted Him and later that year was baptized with my parents.

Now it wasn’t easy after that. My boyfriend then sexually abused me and I broke it off with him. I then started dating another guy a year later who went to the church my family attended. I was friends with his sister and mom already. Although he was older, it didn’t matter to me. But he sexually abused me as well.

To me this was the norm. I wouldn’t discover any better. This was a complete lie the enemy fed me and I started feeding myself.

When I was 19 I started dating another guy who seemed amazing! He was a dream come true. He doted on me, gave me so many things, fed me so much attention and showered me with compliments. We were engaged a year and a half later and then married two years after that. There were signs that I ignored that I didn’t think would be a problem but I was wrong. He started to show his true colors. After a year I was not myself. I was isolated and alone. I was in a domestic violence marriage.

Looking back, I can see it slowly spiral. I had no clue why God let me get here. It took me a year to leave my husband and two years after that to file and finalize my divorce. I moved into my parents house the end of 2015 and moved to Tucson October of 2016.

God was leading me here and I didn’t know why. I blindly listened and it has changed my life and relationship with Him greatly! And for the better.

Out here I met a bunch of people who are like family to me at a young adult bible study. I met my current boyfriend who is such a Godly man and respects me greatly. He has not pressured me or forced me to do anything I am not comfortable with and he shows me true love. I have a job and am growing stronger with my walk in Christ everyday.

It still isn’t easy but God has made things worth it. I am stronger because of what I have been through and I can now help others who are going through the same. He uses those we least expect and I never saw Him using me like this.

A piece of advice is no matter how rough things get, God knows how strong you are. He will never put you through something you cannot handle. All that pressure is shaping you and molding you into the diamond you are so you can shine God’s light for all to see. Never give up!

If my testimony touches anyone, I will be greatly blessed. Thank you for listening to my testimony. Love and God Bless!