Healthy is For Everyone

We all have a story, we all are on a journey. 


My journey began ever since I was young to be healthy. 

In high school, I ran track, set a few records in my school, but then came sophomore year. I was side-lined from a 6cm stress fracture on my tibia. I remember clear as day when it finally fractured. Let me just say, it was terrible and I couldn't even walk. So then I was given the boot to immobilize my leg in order for it to heal. I was in that thing from March until about August-September (ish). That healed, now fast forward to the following year, my junior year of high school. Yep, it fractured again in the same exact place, but this time only 4cm long. I don't know how it happened since your bone is supposed to be stronger in that area after it breaks and heals. Now this fracture never healed. So now I'm back in the boot from March until November (my senior year), and that's when I had the surgery to put a titanium rod inside my tibia bone. This experience made me stronger, even through all the tears, but that finally healed within 4 months and I was up and running my first two 5K races!! 

Now, let's head into college. Man, high school I was eating healthy, working out all the time, in my best shape. College, freshman year, rolls around and I lost 10 pounds in the matter of one month. People began asking if I was sick or anorexic. Yes, I lost weight that I couldn't afford to lose. It wasn't on purpose, it was all due to stress. Many people eat when they get stressed, for me I don't eat when I get stressed. I was stressed from the new-ness of college, the stress of commuting, and the stress of my situation at home. You'll read more about that later this week.

Now I have a Bachelor’s in Biology with a Psychology minor & Public Health pathway with a few nutrition courses in the mix of my degree!

Five years later and I still struggle a little bit with getting all of that weight back on. I've had people tell me that I don't understand what it's like to be healthy or to be on a wellness journey all because I've never been overweight. And you're right, I may not understand what it's like to be overweight, but I do know what it's like to be underweight and it's equally as difficult, maybe even more difficult to get the weight back on. I do know what it’s like to have that desire of wanting to actually FEEL healthy.

Since I always love eating organic foods and exercising (primarily low-impact workouts), I knew I wanted to help others. I realized that being a Holistic Lifestylist & Spiritual Life Coach was my true Calling in this life. I've been helping people since 2014 - almost 5 years - in getting healthy whether they are overweight, underweight, or simply just want to feel healthier on the inside. This is also when I created Healthy Soul 360 (here we are today!!)!! Both my mom (recently diagnosed) and my grandma have autoimmune diseases, cancer runs in my family, heart issues run in my family, so I especially now have to take extra good care of myself by eating organic & healthy, by exercising daily, taking vitamins daily, and by using organic beauty & cleaning products. 

However, as time goes on, we all continue to evolve, grow, and learn. I incorporate herbal remedies, tonics, & tinctures into my daily habits, I continue to pull out old weeds of old habits that no longer serve a purpose in my Garden, and I continue to learn what I actually want to put in and on my body. We now buy local, from farms, and we grow our own herbs, veggies, and fruits! (I can’t contain my excitement for this new Spring season to physically get into my garden!)

So this is my reason, my story, my why to how I got started on this journey as your go-to Holistic Lifestylist!