The Best Time for New Beginnings Is Right Now

Sometimes new beginnings start small.

Sometimes new beginnings are quite big. 

Sometimes new beginnings can completely change your life. 

Change can be scary. It can be overwhelming. It can be challenging. It's new.

But change can be good and it can be so rewarding that life takes on a whole new meaning.

I attended a retreat in May and went to a holistic wellness seminar that God opened my eyes up. He has been telling me and guiding me on what I'm Called to do. I could hear very loud and clear that He is working faithfully behind the scenes however I simply need to put my FULL faith and trust in Him.

Now, I have a trip planned in September with my church for a committee that I am part of. Since confirming i will be traveling with my pastor, his wife, and a few other members, i’m incredibly nervous, but again God is leading me to push myself way out of my comfort zone

Holy smokes!

Many times I'm afraid of change. Why? Because I can't see where the change will bring me one year down the road, five years down the road, etc. I can only trust that He will never let me fall. 

Lately though, Hes been pushing me way out of my comfort zone. And its uncomfortable and scary. Again, because I have to let go of control.

God has been guiding me to meet new people, to build deeper relationships with those around me, and to grow my team.

He has been sending me little signs that for a while I was just ignoring them. But sometimes we need God to give us a good kick in the booty.

But with change, comes resistance. And I've been feeling it more and more lately.

That’s the enemy himself trying to hold us down because he knows we're on God's Path for our lives.

When we can fully surrender our control for what we want to happen, how we want it to happen, and when we want it to happen, we become in alignment with His Will. We allow God to work miracles in our lives.

So if you're wanting to get healthy, start a new project, go on a new adventure, or simply build a deeper relationship with God, or whatever it is you’re wanting to do, give yourself permission to start right now, to let go of the control, and start when its messy.

But dont give up just because it gets hard or no one around you supports you.

God supports you and He is making a way for you in this very moment.

So what will you begin today? Let us know in the comments below!