A 30 Day Reset Challenge

Today begins the 30 Day Reset Challenge!

There's a lot that I'm removing from my every day lifestyle and "diet".

I'm doing this because how I choose to live and how I coach my clients isnt based on the numbers. It's not the number of calories to cut out and it's not about the number on the scale.  But rather it's in asking myself and asking my clients, "How do I/you want to feel?"

I know that I want to feel healthy, to feel happy, to feel productive, and to feel loved. In knowing this is how I want to feel, I needed to check my inventory of where I'm currently at. 

December I ended up going MIA for a while from social media and even from my friends and family. I felt unloved, unworthy, extremely unhealthy with brain fog, feeling tired all the time, inflammation and joint pain. I knew things needed to change.

So beginning today, Sunday January 6th, I'm hitting the reset button and saying YES to me and listening to my body, my soul, and my heart! 


For the next 30 days, this is what I'm saying goodbye to...

- NO alcohol. I always enjoy having some wine or other drinks on the weekend, but lately I just havent really enjoyed it. 

- NO Motrin or Tylenol, etc. I've been getting migraines very bad for the last several months to the point absolutely nothing works, including the medication so I decided to get rid of that from my life.

- NO coffee. Coffee is very acidic and our bodies are not supposed to be in an acidic state. Plus, I've also cut coffee out before so I know this wont be too difficult.

- NO sugar. Having cut out any sort of artificial sweetener from my diet several years ago, it's just the white sugar left to get rid of. Plus knowing that sugar is way more addictive that drugs, I think it's crazy how food companies still put it in basically everything we eat (including when labels say "Diet" or "Sugar Free" read closely because "diet is way worse than you think) 

- NO dairy. Being lactose intolerant, this will for sure be easy to get rid of because I feel very crappy when I consume any dairy. Even though I love mayo on my sandwiches and ice cream, my health and yours is more important. Dairy also causes inflammation in our bodies due to the industry giving these poor animals an immense amount of chemicals. 

- NO meat. Lately I've felt very emotional when it comes to even thinking about eating meat so I know I need to listen to my body and my heart. 

- NO bread or pasta unless its gluten free. Let's admit it, this is another extremely processed food that we eat and I dont want to put processed foods into my body anymore. 

- NO complaining, comparing, or people pleasing. Doing this allows me to feel better, happier, and to finally start saying yes to me!

- NO longer allowing myself to feel like a useless piece of crap. People around me have made me feel like this including the devil himself, and I'm putting my foot down in not allowing anyone or anything define me except for God. 

- NO Netflix or TV. I have no idea how I'm going to do this one honestly.  


I plan on doing this by...

- Warm water with Lemon and ACV to flush out my body.

- Yogi Detox Tea to energize me in the morning.

- Yoga daily to move my body.

- Prayer multiple times a day to refocus on God. 

- Laughter

- Vegan protein shakes

- Essential Oils and Ningxia  

- Fresh fruits, veggies, and salads

- Books, podcasts, and music


I'm also going to be sharing this as daily emails, blog posts, and vlogs. (If you receive emails from me, after updating some things, the emails will now say "from Healthy Soul 360" just as a heads up).⠀

Who's IN?! ⠀

I've learned that when you do things alone, it's not fun and sometimes not having any accountability leads to giving up. And I am not giving up on me nor will I allow you to give up on yourself. I haven't said "yes" to myself in a while and this is the first step in saying "yes" to me, to being healthy again, to living purposefully again. ⠀

And while this is just the opening in sharing others permission to say yes to themselves, too. As women, I know we sometimes tend to look for permission elsewhere instead of inside, so I'm going to help ya out by giving you that permission you've been looking for!⠀

So who wants to join me on this 30 Day Reset Challenge? Or who just wants to come along for the ride? No matter your choice, I'll be happy to have you here!⠀

God Bless,