Reset: Day 1

The first day has been interesting. 

I've had this head cold for a little while and this morning I woke up with a pretty sore throat. 

I ended up having 1 sip of coffee (no dairy or sugar, just almond milk) because it was quick, hot, and right there instead of making tea that I knew I should've had. The coffee was gross in the way that my body just didn't want it. 

Yep, I watched another episode or two on Netflix. 🤦‍♀️

Everything else has been good, but I kicked myself in the butt this afternoon because "Kailee! What are you doing?" I messed up even on the first day.  

But, dont dwell on a simple mistake. It doesnt screw you up. It's not a matter of saying oh I'll start again next month or tomorrow or next week. Start again RIGHT. NOW.  

I'm telling all of this because this journey is about me being real, raw, open, and honest. I'm far from perfect, I dont have all my crap together as a coach and mentor because *dun, dun, dun* I'm human. My goodness, aren't we all human? 

So don't wait to start over tomorrow. Start again right now. Right now. If you messed up already and it's only January 6th, it's ok. You're human!

You got this, darling! 

Xo, Kailee