Reset: Day 4

It's only Wednesday and it already been a challenging week.

My mood is kind of honestly all over the place, feeling extra irritable and annoyed by anything and everything. 

I honestly would be very happy for quiet alone time. 

I've cried, I've prayed, I've taken a hot shower, currently sipping a hot cup of tea, and writing this post as well as some on social media, and I've taken some good ole deep breaths and worked through any sh*tty feelings I may have had.

I've written a to do list, I've written positive affirmations on sticky notes and hung them above my desk in my office, I've written a wish list of oils I want to buy in the near future, I've written a list of moves I'm making the next few weeks.  

Carlton surprised me tonight to help my crappy mood with flowers and tea and even a movie. I'm not ashamed I watched a movie tonight with him because it's the little things in life and in our relationship that is so special and important to me. He made a very healthy dinner of fresh caught salmon, asparagus and a baked sweet potato.  

I'm setting a goal for myself to wake up at 5:15 tomorrow morning instead of my normal 6:30 to rush to get out the door with no breakfast, exhausted while driving and cranky because I'm still tired which sets my day up for a very irritating day.  

So yes, it's only Wednesday, yes I've been struggling with recording videos, yes I've been in a funk, yes I'm learning from this all, and yes I'm working through it all.  

How was your Day 4?

Good night loves, 

Xo, Kailee