10 Ways to Welcome Spring with Your Kids

In no time spring will arrive, there will be buds on the trees and flowers will start blooming.  Your kids no doubt will have spent most of their time indoors during the winter months.  Can anyone say cabin fever? Spring is the time of the year that we can wipe all the sicknesses we got of the furniture, vacuum up all the salt and dirt we brought in from the snowstorms and lighten up all those heavy coats that we drag into our cars and back out again.  Most of all it is a time for rebirth, renewal and time for some outdoor fun!

Grab your kids and try these fun ways to welcome spring:

1 Plant seeds and watch them grow

Buy seeds of your choice, find some plant pots from last year and add dirt – leave about a ¼ cup to the side.  Make a hole in the middle with a finger about an inch or so deep, add a few seeds, and then cover up with the remaining dirt.  Add a few sprinkles of water every day or so.  They will be so excited to see a sprout shoot up and know they grew something all by themselves.

2 Bring an elderly neighbor or family member some flowers

This tiny act of kindness will bring lots of joy and help your little one to start learning how much giving can give back.  Talk to your child about kindness and how important it is to be kind to those around them. 

3 Jump in the Puddles

Spring brings rain, but it also brings warmer temperatures.  Get those rainboots on and go jump in the puddles.  Parents too!  You will be surprised how this little unplugged activity can be so exciting for both you and your kids. 

4 Make rainbows on the ground

Draw outside with chalk, there is something so special about lazily drawing on the ground with chalk with your kids.  It brings back many people’s own childhood and the memories that warm weather brings.  This is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about your childhood and pass on some good memories.

5 Fly a kite

In like a lion - out like a lamb.  March is still windy, the perfect time to go to the park and fly a kite.  Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a day outside.  Let them help you make some spring-themed treats for your picnic dessert. 

6 Play spring games

Make a chalk hopscotch board.  Jump rope.  Kick around a soccer ball.  Go on a bike ride. Go in the basement or garage and round up your outside toys, your kids will be glad to see their old friends. 

7 Make a bird feeder or stepping stone

Bring the crafts outdoors, make something that will be useful and spend some creative time with your kids. 

8 Go on a bug hunt or spring scavenger hunt

As the ground thaws, the worms and bugs will return.  Write or print a list to look for certain bugs or pieces of nature such as a twig, a flower, a snail, a sprout on a tree.  You can take photos if you like and then print them into a little book afterwards.

9 Paint rocks

Painting rocks are all the rage.  A friend of mine, in Brooklyn, even got a whole neighborhood involved painting rocks and leaving them for others to find to spread kindness and community the last few years.  Go find some smooth rocks, paint them however you like, and you can use decoupage to seal them as an optional step, so they last longer. 

10 Blow bubbles

Bubbles are magical.  That is all there is to it.  Kids love bubbles.  You can use a bubble machine or a bubble wand.  To make your own bubbles use about 1 ½ cups of water and fill a cup.  Add ½ cup of dish soap and 2 tablespoons of sugar.  Stir and blow bubbles!