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Are you interested in learning more about essential oils, how oils based products can keep you healthy and actually clean your home better than all those other common household cleaners? 

Are you wanting to incorporate oils into your every day lifestyle?

Are you wanting to create a toxic-free environment that is safe for both the kiddos and fur babies?

Are you interested in being part of a fast-growing, loving, and supportive team that is among a top leading world-wide company?

Then we invite you to join our team!

Essential oils have become a vital part of our every day life. these little bottles have helped us in creating a toxic-free home that is not only safe for us, but also safe for our fur babies and for the kiddos (when I start building a family)!

Creating a toxic-free home is sustainable and also gets us away from the pharmaceuticals and any other harsh chemicals such as ones that are in cleaning products, soaps, lotions, supplements, etc. This has become such an important topic for us because living a holistic lifestyle means going back to the basics and what God has provided for us in which we find in nature.

This is why we have partnered up with Young Living Essential Oils to get these little bottles of oils into your hands and lives. We chose Young Living because of the impact they have in the world around us and we wanted to be part of something that was bigger than us. The Seed To Seal standards and now non-GMO verified products is what also convinced us to partner. It’s the leaders among the company that bring so much value and this is why I invite you to join us here at Healthy Soul 360 because not only are you joining a fast-growing team, but you are part of something so much bigger than any of us could ever imagine and this is a movement that I am so very passionate about which is helping people get healthy through holistic standards.

We ask that you fill out the application below to ensure that you are a good fit and so we know that we have amazing teammates and leaders on our team! Joining our team means that you have exclusive access to our private team events, trainings, and

When you submit your application, I will reach out to you within 24 hours so you can schedule a time where we can spend say 30-45 minutes on the phone to talk some more in order for us to both get to know each other a little better. Then we’ll be able to get you into the next step.

After joining my team, you’ll get a bunch of “Happy Mail” from myself and some of the upline leaders as well as access to a bunch of other goodies.

Upon joining the team, you’ll get access to our team Facebook group where there will be announcements, trainings, and a place to get to know and ask for support from your teammates.

As a special bonus, you’ll not only have access to me all the time through the team group and even through email/Messenger, I’m gifting you 30 days of unlimited Voxer support to bust through any blocks or struggles that come up in making a little extra income for yourself as well as getting you started and fully immersed into using your essential oils!

With that said, chat soon!


Kailee Holbert, Founder & CEO of Healthy Soul 360

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I am wanting to be part of something that's bigger than me such as this movement that Healthy Soul 360 is about.
I am wanting to create an extra income and join this team as a side hustle.
I am wanting to join this team and create this as my full time, work-from-home business.
I am willing to learn, to accept constructive criticism, and ready to also cheer on my teammates.
I am willing to treat every person I meet with respect especially if they are part of a different team, company, or simply do not understand that importance of creating a safe, sustainable, and toxic-free environment.
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