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Jessica Duquenoy
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Hi everyone! I’m Jess. I’m a conservationist, travel enthusiast, adventure seeker, and environmental advocate. I have a degree in Natural Resources Conservation and specifically concentrated my studies in Forest Ecology. My career interests include wildlife management, forest management and habitat restoration- and all the little tasks that come along with it! I have had the opportunity to work in beautiful places to restore and protect ecosystems, as well as educate others about their natural resources! I am currently working in Cuba as a Natural Resources Specialist, but I have had the opportunity to work in the U.S Minor Outlying Islands, Ohio, New York, and Massachusetts. This work is my passion and I hope to continue doing it for the rest of my life!



Denice Cox
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Denice Cox is a mental health blogger from Los Angeles. She helps women create their dream lives through improving their mental health. You can learn more on her blog & Youtube channel, Marbles Misplaced.

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Pip Christie
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Pip Christie is a Freelance Digital Marketer living in Melbourne, Australia where she moved from the UK in early 2019. She offers services in website design, branding, content creation and email marketing through her fresh Unedited approach to marketing for her clients around the world. She can often be found in a local coffee shop sampling (yet another) flat white.

You can follow her across social media @PipUnedited or visit her website at

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Jemile Nesimi-Hobson
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Jemile earned a degree in Food Studies and Writing and has worked for almost 20 years in the medical and health industries. She has been a digital marketing manager for a health and wellness company, Acupuncture Atlanta for the last eight years and handles all social media as well as newsletters and blogging. In addition, she owns a digital marketing company called Luna Rose Consulting – focused on social media coaching and blogging for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Writing has been a childhood dream for Jemile and writing daily for a living has been phenomenal. She spends most of her time writing about health and wellness, food, and art for her clients. In addition, she has a mom blog and regularly writes about parenting and life as a working mama – IG @theworkingmamalife Jemile is originally from Brooklyn, NY and lives in Wappinger Falls, NY. She lives with her husband, two daughters, her dog, and two fish. You can contact Jemile via Linkedin or via email

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Jessica Brody
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Jessica is a dog lover and is passionate about sharing pet photos and stories with others. She created to be a venue for pet lovers to share their pet pics, stories and adventures. Jessica believes that pets are family and enjoys her bonding moments with her furry pals.