Our Story


Healthy Soul 360 was created in July 2014. Healthy Soul 360 is a community for women who want a healthy lifestyle through food, faith, & fitness. I focus on creating a holistic lifestyle through wellness and happiness. We’re combining the everyday lifestyle needs into one. It’s the friendships that you build with others around the world, the people who you meet, and people who are on the same journey of wanting to live life to their fullest and healthiest capabilities!

 As your Holistic Lifestylist, I help you create the lifestyle you truly crave. We help you get you in the habit of eating right every day, working out every day, and being gentle on yourself. Here at Healthy Soul 360, we want you to be confident with yourself in every aspect. We want you to feel positive, to be at peace with yourself, and to have fun in life. Healthy Soul 360 offers a variety of recipes, tips, and advice. We keep you up to date with the latest information in the rapidly changing & growing world of health and fitness! We want you to be motivated, inspired, and encouraged to tackle any challenges that are thrown your way.

Our mission is to create a safe space to come learn, connect, have fun, and grow as an individual. We aim to inspire and motivate others in falling in love with their life and yet also wanting to strive for progress. We aim to teach you in leading a holistic lifestyle that incorporates the mind, body, and soul through faith, wellness, movement while also creating a toxic-free and sustainable environment all around you. We aim to bring people together in creating life long friendships, in building trust, and just simply have fun while being raw, open, and honest with you.

We hope you take a look around and come join us on this movement that is simply bigger than we could ever imagine!